The purpose of this page is to present ESREA|ReNAdET members the body of information to visualise the volume and the variety of completed and ongoing EU funded projects in the area of adult education and training, focusing when this is possible to the specific roles and tasks of adult educators and trainers as well as the professional status of adult education staff in general. The list below will be constantly updated with projects that refer to the multiple roles of adult educators and trainers as well as teaching material and modes of development of adult education professions in Europe. Interested site members and ESREA|ReNAdET supporters are encouraged to contribute with their knowledge and expertise to the dissemination of completed or ongoing projects that are relevant to adult educators and trainers in Europe (i.e. professionalisation, education methodologies, teaching material, working conditions, identity issues, policies etc.) at a national or a trans-national level.  Descriptions of projects must be submitted to and must include the following:

  • Project full title and abbreviation if available
  • Project Number (if applicable)
  • Funding source (eg. EC, ERC, REA, ESF, national funding bodies, etc.)
  • Main objectives
  • Partnership (if applicable)
  • Modes of access (e-mail, URL, etc.)
List of relevant projects
This list only serves as a point of reference for all website visitors and has no commercial value. Original logos are protected by law and cannot be copied and used for commercial or other purposes without the consent of the owner.
Project title
Project detailssesentation



GINCO (Grundtvig International Network of Course Organiser)

Project Number: 503706-LLP-1-2009-1-BE-GRUNDTVIG-GNW

GINCO (Grundtvig International Network of Course Organiser) wants to network actual and potential GRU course organisers, not only offering a forum for cooperation and exchange of expertise but also offering support for development, promotion of access, delivery, accreditation and sustainability of their courses. For further information on GINCO you can visit the following website:



PALADIN (Promoting Active Learning and Ageing of Disadvantage Seniors)

 Project Number: 502217-LLP-1-2009-1-PT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

The Project PALADIN (Promoting Active Learning and Ageing of Disadvantage Seniors) intents to contribute to the empowerment of the disadvantage seniors (over 50 years old low qualified) through the development of their readiness for self-directed learning in the following fields: health, activity (employment, voluntary or other), education (either formal, no-formal and informal), citizenship and finances. For further information on PALADIN you can visit the following website:


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