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The Newsletter is created to serve as a means for sharing and disseminating information that is theme-relevant to the network?s aims, but it will also serve as a link and reference point among network members. It is on these grounds that we ask for your contributions on themes and issues that relate to projects, activities, conferences, initiatives and publications relevant to research on adult educators, trainers and their professionalisation. Similarly, any piece of information that you consider important for the network will also have a place in the ?Newsletter? as long as it is relevant to adult education and lifelong learning, such as short reports and commentaries, special announcements and networking facilitation. The ?Newsletter? has seven (7) sections in which contributors can provide relevant information (a short remark section, a section for those reporting on policy developments or  interesting initiatives in their countries, a section devoted to funded projects and activities, a section on conferences and networking activities, a section on  grand scale European initiatives in the area of adult education, VET and lifelong learning, a special announcements section and a publications section). It will also include an ESREA-themed section that will provide information on ESREA activities and ESREA Networks' updates and prospect meetings, and a special section that will host a themed main article.

The Newsletter will be released twice a year (March/April and September/October). Interested members can send their contributions by e-mail to esrea.renadet@yahoo.com at any time before the newsletter is published. All information submitted in between its release must be in English and will be screened by the editors. The Newsletter has an ISSN number (1792-538X) and is supported by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Philosophy.

Newsletter Issues

Click the issue number below to download the Newsletter or click on the release date to go directly to the relevant page.

Issue nr. 1 | March/April 2010

Issue nr. 2 | September/October 2010

Issue nr. 3 | March/April 2011

Issue nr. 4 | September/October 2011 

Issue nr. 5 | March/April 2012

Issue nr. 6 | September/October 2012

Issue nr. 7 | March/April 2013

Issue nr. 8 | September/October 2013